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JT-SB series single steel band sheeter

JT-SB series single steel band sheeter

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The molten material enters the distributing device at the front end of the equipment at a constant speed through the mixing heat pipe under the action of the pump, and is continuously uniformly distributed from the distributor on the upper surface of the moving steel belt. The material forming a thin coating on the steel belt will be affected. The cooling water on the back of the steel strip is uniformly cooled, and the excellent heat transfer characteristics of the steel strip itself are used to promote the formation of thin slices of molten materials during the movement. The cured flakes are scraped off the steel belt by a scraper, and directly enter the packaging process after being collected.

The steel belt machine has multiple protection functions such as speed, motor thermal protection, upstream and downstream interlocking, and has a high degree of automation.

Dangerous and vulnerable areas are equipped with safety protection devices, equipped with electrical safety interlock switches or emergency stop devices, with good safety performance.

During the solidification process, the cooling water does not directly contact the material, and the product will neither be contaminated nor change its composition. Because the cooling water is not polluted, it can be recycled or discharged directly, so it will not pollute the environment.

The production process is dust-free, the curing process is rapid, and there is very little gas emission, which is very beneficial to environmental protection.

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