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Common problem

Common problem

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▼ How to maintain single steel belt during use?

The steel belt is the core component of the granulator or flake machine, and the heart of the equipment; the steel belt not only plays a role in transmission, but also performs the function of heat conduction or pressure conduction in the production process.


In the process of using the steel belt, protecting the steel belt is like protecting our own eyes, without sand.

Today we will tell you about the maintenance of steel belts.


Maintenance content 1: daily inspection.

Importance: The daily inspection can find the defects of the steel belt in the first time;

Function: Daily inspection can find various defects and damage degrees of the steel strip in the first time, find and analyze the reasons, and avoid the expansion of defects and damage.

Recommendation: Generally, we recommend that each company have professionals responsible for the daily inspection of steel belts and make daily inspection records.


So, what are the details of the daily inspection? Next, I will tell you one by one.


1. Check whether there are scratches, pits, bumps, deformations and cracks on the surface of the steel strip;

If the above defects are found, it is necessary to stop the machine in time to check the cause of the defect, whether it is due to mechanical or human reasons.

2. Check the edge of the steel belt;

Check whether the edge of the steel strip is smooth and whether there is local damage (local damage will cause stress concentration at the damage site, which will cause edge cracks for a long time, and ultimately affect production)

3. Check the guide strip

During the production and operation of the steel belt, affected by external factors, the running track will shift left and right. The guiding rubber strips on both sides of the back of the steel belt have very good peel strength, but local mechanical failure may cause the partial rubber strip to fall off .


Our high-quality steel belt has many advantages:

● High wear resistance

● Smooth surface and easy to clean

● Good rigidity, low elongation

● Corrosion resistance, suitable for harsh environments

● Due to the special process treatment throughout the entire circumference, all parts of the steel belt surface are uniform in height,

● Long service life

● Resistance to cold and heat changes, adaptable to a wide temperature range

● Easy to maintain


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▼ The source of granulator technology?

The drip-forming granulator was invented by German Ryan Frosheck in the early 1980s, applied by the Swiss company Sandrad, and manufactured by the Swedish company Sandvik. In the late 1980s, rapid industrialization and promotion in Europe and the United States produced a wave of granular industrial revolution. So that more than 100 kinds of organic and inorganic chemical products that could not be granulated before can be granulated. The world's authoritative magazine "Chemical Engineering" once reported that the machine is "A Revolutionary Granulator", which has epoch-making significance.

The following picture shows the process flow chart of the granulator:



▼ Gather team strength to overcome technical problems!

Congratulations to Shanghai Jingtao Steel Belt Technology Co., Ltd. 4G steel belt granulator successfully applied to the trial production of low temperature and low viscosity materials!

The low-temperature and low-viscosity materials with a melting point of 30-40 degrees Celsius have been successfully tested with the joint efforts of Jingtao's technical team, marking the further expansion of the scope of pelletizing materials!

The product is evenly distributed on the steel belt after dripping, without any stickiness! All are full and crystal clear! As attractive as a small pearl! Product particle size can be adjusted according to customer needs!

After cooling the product, hold it in your hand without any dust, improve the workshop production environment!

Whether you are a molded product or a newly developed material, if you need to order our equipment, welcome to inquire. We have professional laboratory equipment that can let you know the characteristics of your product!

We sincerely invite new and old customers to inquire, and please witness our strength and technology!



1. Continuous operation, improve production efficiency, and occupy a small area

2. Reduce dust and improve operating environment

3.98% or more molding rate, very little dust during unloading, particles have higher bulk density and better packaging characteristics

4. Low energy consumption, small equipment investment, simple operation

5. High-quality steel belts and equipment have good corrosion resistance and long service life, suitable for the production of various materials

6. Unique cost-effective positioning, based on 2/5 of the original European machine price as our company's price


For applications in different fields, Jingtao can provide non-standard designs according to customer needs

"Not only to provide customers with better products, but also to provide excellent quality services" is our unchanging tenet. "Continuously improve product performance, improve product quality, and better meet the growing needs of customers." It is our eternal Pursuit. "Anxious for what customers are anxious, think what customers think" is our service philosophy.


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